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Tai Chi and Your Health

Tai Chi is all about the harmony and balance of mind, body and soul. The art of Tai Chi is also a popular choice for its diverse mental and physical health benefits. Tai Chi is practiced in slow sets of 108 designated movements to stretch and strengthen muscles. Mental stress and fatigue are relieved throughout this process of gentle repetition. If you are struggling with balance issues, the art of Tai Chi will train both your mental and physical body to synchronize, as poise is improved and mental clarity is achieved. A variety of forms exist, both traditional and modern, and there are many groups, classes and facilities for training throughout the Okanagan Valley. Taking a beginner’s class will introduce you to the foundation exercises and the cycle of 108 moves.

Tai Chi is an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle, promoting better mood, less stress and anxiety, improved energy, stamina, improved sleep cycles and balance. The benefits of Tai Chi for seniors is numerous improving mobility issues, precipitating social engagement and overall health improvement. This ancient form of gentle exercise will help with arthritic pain, reduce blood pressure and promote deep breathing.

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